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What are Betta Fish also Known as?

We see Bettas at pet shops, purchased in tiny containers all by themselves. Unfortunately, the way they promote them is really as fish that may live in only a few ounces of water, which can be very, very far from the truth. All those "Betta fishbowls" that are bought from pet shops and online venues are completely inappropriate and cruel on the fish. Some of them even advertise water changes monthly and say Bettas can go without food for the days. NOT true.

Betta Fish Tank Mates

Bettas are magnificent species considering the variety of unique facets that produce them one from the most loved fish on the globe. Understanding betta fish care and how they work and more details live will guarantee you a happy and while with your finned friend.

The truth is that Bettas will fight with anything you put of their tank, to help you try and see how are you affected with your particular fish, but keep a close eye to them.

Below is often a list of the most used bettas as well as the features and colors of every.

Fish obtain oxygen from the surrounding water using their gills and mouth, and bettas are no different. This process occurs so bettas can breathe without waste materials and co2. Almost all from the life-sustaining air is obtained this way. If this process were to be eliminated, the fish would die in minutes. However, an advantage of the Betta fish could it be can adjust well to environments with low levels of oxygen due to their origins.
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